National University of Kyushu Institute of Technology
Graduate School of Engineering

Professor Keiichi Okuyama

九州工業大学大学院工学研究院 奥山教授

Our Kyushu Institute of Technology cooperates with Kagoshima University to develop the deep space communication experiment spacecraft “ShindaiSat.”
This spacecraft is aiming for its launch as a piggyback satellite of “Hayabusa 2,” and we plan to conduct a release communication test to deep space far from the moon.

Thanks to the support of antenna1st, I was able to set a prospect for installing lithium-ion batteries into the spacecraft.

I think that there will be more difficulties to operate the spacecraft after launch than ever before, but thank you for your cooperation with this project in the future.


九州工業大学しんえん2 搭載バッテリー組立

The lithium-ion battery before installing on a battery case for the satellite

九州工業大学しんえん2 搭載バッテリーBOX

The lithium-ion battery BOX mounted inside the spacecraft

Operational Data