Development and technical support of the industrial lithium-ion battery

Examples of the industrial battery system development
Battery system development of the storage battery for solar power generation, UPS (uninterruptible power supply),
electric motorcycle, electric vehicle (EV car), and electric bus (EV bus)

Battery system specifications
DC48V ~ 320V or more,Discharge current 100A or more,Capacity ~100kWh or more

Other specifications
Waterproof specification, external data communication
Battery charge/discharge data display, active balance function of lithium-ion batteries at charge/discharge


Solar power storage

UPS system

Development method

1: In case the concept is decided, but the detailed specification of the product is yet to be confirmed

Perform technical prototyping with lithium-ion battery development kit, and narrow down the product specification.

Lithium-ion battery prototype kit

Development system unit of battery system

Control voltage: DC48V~DC1200V

Maximum continuous discharge current: 200 A

Functions such as external data communication, active balance, and charge/discharge control

LCD on which battery information is displayed is attached to the control unit

Examples of main use for industrial equipment

  • EV, electric bus, electric motorcycleand so on
  • UPS (uninterruptible power supply)