The X Prize Foundation, which became a topic in the lunar exploration race with Google’s sponsorship.
Dr. Andrew joined the Automotive X Prize in the US in 2010 and served as the leader of the team that proceeded to the finals together with Tesla Motor.
And since then, as an entrepreneur he served as a technical adviser at many companies and led venture businesses to success.

Electric boat

4 vessels are in operation at Taiwan Sun Moon Lake In operation for 4 years
Overall length is 4.8 m
The number of crew membersis 49
Battery capacity is 60 kWh (can be expanded)
Motor output 90 kW (can be changed)
Speed ​​is 10 knots
No need for charging equipment as it charges battery from boat-mounted generator


Battery system for EV and electric bus

Introduction and operational experiencewith electric boat, EV, electric bus, electric boat and so on
Compatible with 600V and 200 A or more output
Purchase of vehicle body possible

Battery system for hydraulic drive system

Installed in garbage trucks, with operational experience and data of 3 years and more

Supports research and development and manufacturing sales

I would like to develop the in-house lithium-ion battery for household and industrial use
While I am considering introduction of electric vehicle (EV) andelectric bus, I would like to produce EV andelectric bus.
Our company has a technical alliance with Dr. Andrew to develop household solar energy storage system,
battery system for hydraulic drive system (packer car, construction machine an so on), battery system for EV (EV, bus) and so on.
Experienced engineers will support development