Platform applicable for various purposes

Increasing our company’s lithium-ion battery more than 5kWh ~ 1MWh is possible
Designingwith capacity and output according to customer’s needsfrom household storage battery to office and industrial facilities is possible.
Moreover, since it can charge from photovoltaic power generation, it is also possible to reduce power consumption

Examples of energy saving measures possible with battery system

UPS (uninterruptible power supply)
When disasters, power outages and so on occur, electricity inside the workplace (household) can be used for a certain period of time.

Peak shift
Charge the storage battery using inexpensive nighttime power and reduce the electricity bill by using it during the day

Peak cut
Through charging from solar power generation to storage batteries, reducing purchased electricity is possible

UPS System

UPS Sample Specification

Output :  AC100[V]/3[A]
Capacity : 500[Wh]
Switching time : Less than 10[mS]

Use Panasonic Li-ion cell(NCR18650PF)

If you want bigger system we are manufacturable
Output Over 5kW, Capacity over than 10kW  and more

Trial production :1~10pcs
Mass production: over 500pcs